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Blend Society Speakers Guide

It’s an honor to invite you to the Blend Society / our Future World
network meetup.

What is Blend Society?
Blend Society / Our Future World is a monthly collection of intercultural network meet-ups, pitch showcasing, speaker events and conversations designed to connect people and cultures by similarities through creativity, culture + technology.

All foreign & local professionals, expats, entrepreneurs, early start-ups, fresh graduates among others looking to share knowledge & experience, business relations, collaboration and or friendship are welcome to join & participate


There are a few things that would make this event positive, flexible and harmonious. We would appreciate if we could minimize commercial, religious and or political topics. 

Speakers can talk for 15 min max, this is to keep the program moving and allowing other parts / speakers to continue.

Presentation tools

You can use any of the following presentation tools
– Pecha Kucha (download here)
– Ignite (download here)

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