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Our identity is built up of so many various elements…. that we have the possibility to connect with each other, based on what we have in common.

With the “Similarities” newsletter, we are exploring the world in search of what’s connecting people & cultures” what do we have in common? How does culture shape technology and vice versa? And what happens if we celebrate similarities first and after that we can always explore the rest of the world together.

Through a journey in time through different periods of creativity, culture & technology we will share more about our projects and events, search for inspiring people & places, showcasing cross-cultural influences within historic and contemporary works, interviews, our favorite podcasts, arts, architecture, music, fashion, books, films and recurring columns such as: Identity + Culture, Beyond Curious and Click to another World.  

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Sep 2022 / Our identity is build up of so many . . .
(contributions from: Ario Anindito, Clarence Jahman, John Clark)

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