Return to RAW – A Journey into Cross-Culture, Identity and Hip-Hop!

Our documentary explores Hip-Hop’s global impact, from its birth in New York to Europe, with a focus on Indonesia, through the personal journey of a filmmaker deeply connected to both the culture and the country.

“Return to RAW” educates and inspires by showcasing creativity, resilience, and cultural exchange. Hip-Hop serves as a unifying force, blending cross-cultural influences and amplifying marginalized voices. It explores how Hip-Hop intersects with technology to drive social change. Get involved! contact us


A Social Discovery
Get ready, we are working on something really cool!!

Designed to empower creatives and their audiences, as they navigate their journey in the digital and real-world landscape. With a focus on sustainability, ethical, and responsible practices, we’re dedicated to creating a collaborative ecosystem that supports personal and professional growth. Stay tuned for updates!

We’re looking for collaborations, eager to learn more? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. Get involved! contact us

Gelise – The Magic Sword of Dalu

Gelise” – a mysterious 2D animated adventure set in a surrealistic cross cultural world, where the future, past and present are intertwined. The protagonist “Gelise” has been captured and struggles to survive from the evil claws of “Sah”. This Evil Lord lusts for world domination and aims to enslave all beings. After being captured, Gelise must discover and use her power of imagination in order to survive the evil claws of Sah. Will she be able to use her gift of magic storytelling as a way of escaping?

Gelise – The Magic Sword of Dalu advocates for nature, animal rights, equality, and cultural heritage. read more



Connected by Similarities / Interactive Exhibition
A journey through history by showcasing the similarities within fashion, music & arts.

This exhibition features cross cultural works of artists, musicians and fashion designers like: (Fashion) Dries van Noten, Stella Jean, Leon Bakst, Callot Soeurs, Paul Poiret, (Art) Olivia Rose, Jan Toorop, Jennifer Lim, (Music) DJ Kentaro, Ki:Theory & Odezsa, Vaja, Anna Zassimova, Djaga, Lotte Sterk, Daan van Haren & Irma Indi, Cronik and more.

Point – Scan – Play > Exhibition is fully interactive, all works are connected to digital media: websites, audio, video, interviews and performances. read more

Tuesday after TWO – Practice your English!
Calling all students and graduates! Welcome to our real-life English practice and conversation sessions. Step into our vibrant space, designed for those eager to hone their English language skills in a supportive and diverse environment. Organized every other Tuesday over the course of 26 weeks, our center buzzed with the excitement of intercultural exchange and learning.

Engage in lively conversations, practice pronunciation, and exchange cultural insights with fellow students and accomplished entrepreneurs. Need guidance? There’s always a teacher around for those who want to delve deeper. Sharpen your language skills while forging new friendships. This knowledge exchange is completely free of charge. Join us now!

Beyond Curious / Short Film Festival
Hello, Art-House Lovers! Welcome to the ‘Beyond Curious/Short Film Festival,’ a quarterly cinematic journey for those with a passion for arthouse, non-mainstream, indie, short films, and documentaries. Join us four times a year as we showcase eight captivating short movies from around the globe.

Whether you’re an aficionado of unconventional cinema or simply seeking new perspectives, our festival offers an immersive experience for all. Come and immerse yourself in the world of independent film-making, where creativity knows no bounds. Everyone is invited to join and watch. See you at the next screening!