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May 2022



Elhadji N’Diaye Ferrero| The Hague, Netherlands
“The kindness from our culture“

Interview | Elhadji N’Diaye Ferrero | Musician

I am …
Elhadji, 37 years old and I like creative stuff, photo’s, drawing, music and arts. For me, there’s no life without music. I love to make music, especially metal and I have my own metal band of that genre in Spain.

I am very dreamy, I can see myself as a open, spontaneous and very happy guy. This time I came here in Holland to meet new people and find work. I really like meeting new people.

The first time I came here for an internship, after finishing my internship I went back home for a few months. But I decided to go back and now I am here already one month.

What is your cultural background?
Half Spanish, half African. My father is from Africa and my mother is from Spain, but I was born and grew up in the Canarias Islands

 In terms of ethnicity / culture / identity how would you describe yourself?
I grew up in Spain, so I feel more Spanish than African. I’m not related to any religion, my mother is a Catholic and my father is a Muslim. For each one their own is the real one but they don’t practice so often and at home we don’t have religious manners at all, so I’ve learned what is bad and good without the need of any “spiritual” guidance.

What aspects of your culture are most important to you?
I think that we are known for happy open and friendly people. We live from tourism, so we are always friendly to people and welcome them. I think we are very warm peopleThe kindness from our culture is really an important aspect for me. When I first came here in Holland, I had to get used to the people. The people here are a little cold, the don’t interfere you in their lives. They are more on their own. A big difference from where I come from. We always welcome people and always invite people to be a part of our parties etc. If someone asks me where to find a nice place to eat, probably I’ll bring them there instead of explaining how to get there.

Has your cultural background influenced your life/ and or work – hobbies? And if it did could you give some examples?
No, not in my job, in my life, only the way how I understand my family, but not in my work or in other things. In Africa the sense of family is strong, we have big families. If for some reason I’ll have to go back to the island, my parents will always welcome me to come back to their house. They will always support me and be there for me.

In what language do you dream?
I dream in Spanish

Earliest Memory?
One of my first memories was in Africa. I can still smell the moment.
When I think of that memory, I first can smell it, after that, I can see and hear it. Strange right…!?

What I also can remember very clearly, is that In my old house there where different kind of tiles. I used to watch the shapes in the tiles and made cats, persons, and all kind of fantasy stuff in the tiles.

Growing up you …
I’ve been a passive watcher for a long time. But now I finally took the steer and am I doing what I really want. In the latest years I decided what to do with my life and what I want. I’m an audiovisual and media production technician.

What most people don’t know about you is…
If I’ll tell you, I have to kill you! (He laughs out loud!) I’m a very open person, there’s not much that I can say about that. Maybe that people don’t know that I overthink things, while people think that I don’t care. But I do!

Cannot live without?
My family and music

What inspires you?
In my music I get inspired by everything, like feelings and sensations really inspire me. Basically I get inspired by life, strong and deep feelings, even the most insignificant daily things. Basically from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Currently working on?
I have just moved here so, I’m looking for a job. But I’m always creating music.

Best advice you’ve ever received?
If you want to go for it, just do it. My dad gave me that advice, best advice ever!

What are you listening (music) to at the moment?
While we are talking, I hear Michael Jackson on the radio. It brings back memories from the past. The time when my father drove every day to the other side of the island to work. I used to go with him every weekend. That song was in the cassette we used to listen. Good memories.

If you ruled the world what would you do?
If I ruled the world, I would get rid of the money system, so everybody would be equal. No boundaries, no limits, we are all citizens of the world!

Message to the world.
My message to the world is, we should all be one, no difference in people or race. Treat each other equally.

Thank you for your time & energy

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