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theblendwithin people & cultures, is the secret–to establish meaningful connections
through similarities, to shape and celebrate intercultural excellence, and to thrive together for the benefit of future generations,

Everyday we travel the intercultural digital highway, looking for interesting people and movements, that are somehow connecting people and cultures. We celebrate modern and contemporary arts, culture and technology and every possible interdisciplinary expression. If you’re excited by what we do here at The Blend Within, and you’d like to participate, collaborate or somehow get involved.

Let us know and get involved today!

Events & Projects
There are many ways in which you can get involved with our events & projects. We are currently looking for people sharing interest in:

Sponsor recruitment
Copy writing
Project management
Researching for ongoing projects

Spread the Word
You can also get involved by participating or attending our upcoming workshops or events, by following us and sharing our story.

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Projects & Community
We develop concepts, projects and events that take shape at the intersection of
creativity, culture and technology with different disciplines, art, experimentation,
entrepreneurship, multi-media and business, and promote interdisciplinary co-operation
and the development of concepts and projects that are commercially meaningful and contribute
to social progress and wider appreciation for each other.

Our focal areas are the scope of creativity, culture & technology:
arts, architecture, design, cross-cultural heritage, cultural tourism,
intercultural and multi-disciplinary art education, music, performing and
inter-media arts, visual arts, media, film and audiovisual activities
and other art activities.

Welcome, we are happy to see your interest in getting involved with our projects.
Here we’ve gathered a few projects we could really use your help on right now.