We produced an award-winning 7-minute animation short
and are now undertaking to make “Gelise” a feature-length film initiative.

“Gelise” – a mysterious 2D animated adventure set in a surrealistic cross cultural world, where the future, past and present are intertwined. The protagonist “Gelise” has been captured and struggles to survive from the evil claws of “Sah”. This Evil Lord lusts for world domination and aims to enslave all beings. After being captured, Gelise must discover and use her inner voice and power of imagination in order to survive the evil claws of Sah. Will she be able to use her gift of magic storytelling as a way of escaping?

Her ability to use words creates a magnificent atmosphere where multiple story-lines intertwine in attempt to confuse the Evil Lord. To survive she has to desperately entertain and engage the Evil Lord into her magic wordplay.

“Gelise” the movie shares messages and everyday values brought to the attention of the viewer.
Freedom to express, preservation of nature, respect  for animals, and how people treat each other are just a few of the trending topics that are shared.

The architecture, landscapes, fashion and animated designs are blends of various styles woven into this enigmatic world of Gelise. Art Nouveau, Japonism combined with elements of Taoist Gong, Indo – Islamic Moorish styles, Hindu Temples and the rich architectural structures of Indonesia inspired us to create a beautiful blend of fantasy, surrealism and apocalyptic fiction.

The power
of imagination

Landscapes are mixed and inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Indonesia, Japan, China and Western Europe. The hills, volcanoes, mountainous terrains, the jungles, rice terraces (Sawa’s) the trees and flowers are combined in an enchanting way.

Every character, landscape, and pattern is meticulously hand-drawn, digitized, colored, and animated.

Gelise is a project made in mind to inspire, uplift, and to empower humanity. We hope to collaborate with entities who share the same passion and interest as The Blend Within to promote awareness, and to educate through the arts and sciences.  We respect the power of imagination as it is the source of all creation.

This project needs financial support, sponsors, funding and creative artists to  collaborate and make “Gelise” a feature length movie.

Interested in partnering with us to bring Gelise to life? Let’s create magic together!