The Blend Within | Connected by Similarites
Foreign Scents | Garden Cafe

A place where foreign and local people and cultures meet, create and collaborate

theblendwithin people & cultures,
is the secret–to establish meaningful connections
through similarities, to shape and celebrate
intercultural excellence, and to thrive together for
the benefit of future generations

We are an intercultural creative destination,
promoting future-oriented perspectives and
experiences, through a journey of networking,
collaboration, idea exchange, discussions, events,
exhibitions, performances, productions and
cross-disciplinary projects within the
creative, cultural and tech sector

We create people and cultures by similarities


Current Situation

Despite the challenges of Covid 19. We work hard to continue our plan. This is your opportunity to join us on our unstoppable journey, connecting people and cultures by similarities through creativity, culture and technology in the hills of Bandung.

Be part of it! Unlock potential and real change, enabling people to come together, and form communities around the creative, culture and tech sector.

The Blend Within is a social enterprise in the making, developing an intercultural creative hub in Bandung.
We are raising money to continue what we started within a 2000m2 intercultural creative space for artists, makers and tech developers, with exhibition, event and open garden space connecting.

We need to crowdfund another € …..     to continue.


Our space- will become a supportive network right in the hills of Bandung, where an increase of economic and cultural activity will make a real difference. Out of the hub, we’re developing an arts programme for the foreign and local community in Bandung and surroundings, offering work experience, internships and volunteering –  engaging ambitious people with the future of intercultural living.

We’re also offering the opportunity to join our hot-desking
network for freelance workers with access to workspace and meeting areas.

We look forward to your donations.

Thank you

Support the cause

Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care. Join the movement!
Every little bit helps.

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Friends of the Blend

Just Because I Care. Join the movement!
Every little bit helps.

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Come Hang With Us

Get a free day pass to work at BlendLabs (Meet, Work, Play) once we’re open
You’ll be helping us starting up, adding water to the space.

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T’shirt + Day Pass

Get yourself a super soft IKKU tshirt and a day pass to work at BlendLabs )Meet, Work, Play) at this level,
you’ll be helping us purchasing necessities for the workspace.

Pledge € 100 or more

Just Because I Care. Join the movement!
Every little bit helps.

Pledge € 150 or more

We’ll reward you with an art print from the creatives at The Blend Within. We have a range of titles. 

Pick the one you love and we’ll pop it in the post to you.
Feeling bold – let us pick one and surprise you.