The Blend Within | Connected by Similarities

theblendwithin people & cultures,
is the secret–to establish meaningful connections
through similarities, to shape and celebrate
intercultural excellence, and to thrive together
for the benefit of future generations,

We are an intercultural creative destination,
promoting future-oriented perspectives and experiences, through a journey of networking, collaboration, idea exchange,
discussions, events, exhibitions, performances, productions and cross-disciplinary projects within the creative, cultural and tech sector

Created as an international platform in 2015 for educational cross cultural projects, expression and exchange to widen the perspectives of people by showing how and what is connecting people and cultures.

The Blend Within’s first interactive exhibition concept / project that we can adapt / model to any location in the world and suitable for all ages was launched in the spring of 2016 and is part of a semi-permanent collection in the cultural centre of the Dutch Embassy of Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are currently working on:
New interactive exhibitions | Short video documentaries | Blend Society Network | Meetup events | Educational projects

For more information on:
Future projects | Sponsorship Program | Getting Involved

Finer Blend is our creative agency


Regular belief is that people think they are “united by diversity” while division in society appears to be growing.

Yes we are all individuals that have an unique identity, yet our identity is build-up of so many various elements that we have the possibility to connect with each other based on what we have in common.

By bringing people of various cultures together they will inspire each other and create relevant ideas to shape a better meaningful future and a global society. That will encourage a wider appreciation for each other.

The connection between them, will be made based on similarities, and together they will build on a peaceful world for now and future generations.


The Blend Within will 
establish meaningful connections between people and cultures and technology, based on similarities, to shape and celebrate intercultural excellence and to thrive together for the benefit of future generations.

We are an intercultural platform promoting new perspectives based on similarities, through different expressions such as multi disciplinary projects, productions, networking, among others in the region, nation wide and also international to bridge and raise awareness of all various influences within culture, creativity and technology.

You are connected!