Tenille Briney | Redondo Beach, CA, USA
“Never too late to be the creator of your life“

Interview | Tenille Briney  | Model

I am …
a 23 year old Japanese American model.

What inspired you to start modeling?
I always wanted to explore modeling… After trying out a few other ventures, I came back to modeling where I found that it came very naturally to me. I began studying the art more and fell in love with it.

How would you describe your style? 
I would describe my style as simple – edgy, tom boy

What type of modeling you prefer?
Editorial, I really enjoy lifestyle as well

What would be your dream photo-shoot?
I’d love to shoot for a Victoria’s secret tropical beach shoot <3

What is your cultural background?
I’m half Asian. My mother is Japanese, my father German.

In terms of ethnicity / culture / identity how would you describe yourself?
lol I’d describe myself as ethnically ambiguous

What aspects of your culture are most important to you?
The character qualities are the most important to me. Perseverance, hard work, integrity, resilience. Just to name a few. Oh and sticky rice is- will always be a staple food!

Has your cultural background influenced your life/ and or work – hobbies? And if it did could you give some examples?
My mother loved school. Learning, not sure if it’s completely just an Asian thing but I love learning as well. The library is one of my favorite places to be. I definitely expect to work internationally at some point – Japan specifically.

What inspires you?
Success, opportunity, my loved ones

Currently working on?
Myself. I whole-heartily believe the pursuit of knowledge (personal and in general) should be a lifelong venture.

Best advice you’ve ever received?
“Never waste your pain”

What are you listening (music) to at the moment?
Wax Tailor. I love his song “how I feel”

Message to the world.
You are never too old for new passions and interests! Pursue them immediately with unwavering courage. It’s never too late to be the creator of your life. Take time to be alone and meditate. Read read read!

Where can people find you? (Venues / Web / Social media)
Instagram: @tenillebriney Snapchat @tenillebriney



Thank you for your time & energy

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