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Dayna Smith | The Hague, Netherlands
“live at the moment and enjoy it“

Interview | Dayna Smith | Blogger

I am
Dayna Smith, I love to travel and I like to write, discover new food and cultures.

What is your cultural background?
My mother is Dutch and my father is African American

In terms of ethnicity / culture / identity how would you describe yourself?
I feel Dutch, because I grew up with my mom. That’s why I learned more from my Dutch culture

What aspects of your culture are most important to you?
That I can be who I am and be proud of that

Has your cultural background influenced your life/ and or work – hobbies? And if it did could you give some examples?
Not really

In what language do you dream?
Sometimes in English, sometimes in Dutch, depends on what language I have spoken that day

Earliest Memory?
My first memory was when I was about 5-6 years old, when I met my family in America.

Growing up you …
Moved a lot to different places and never settled down in one spot.

What most people don’t know about you is…
That I like Taylor Swift

Cannot live without?
Music and food

What inspires you?
Traveling, meeting new people, seeing new places.

Currently working on?
My blog and other website www.mycurlyway.nl

Best advice you’ve ever received?
Never rush for tomorrow, live in the moment and enjoy it

What are you listening (music) to at the moment?
At the moment I’m listening to Anna of the North

If you ruled the world what would you do?
Then there would be happiness and peace and people would have respect for each other and values everybody wishes.

Message to the world.
Don’t be afraid of the unknown, but embrace each others indifferences

Where can people find you? (Venues / Web / Social media)
www.mycurlyway.nl , Dayna.smith Instagram, My Curly Way on face book

Thank you for your time & energy

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