The Blend Within | Connected by Similarities

The Blend Within is an intercultural platform promoting new perspectives based on similarities, through different expressions such as multi-disciplinary projects, our production house that produces and curates media productions, creative consultation and direction and more, intercultural networking, among others in the region, nation-wide and also international to bridge and raise awareness of all various influences within culture, creativity and technology.

What it means to be mixed, to mix or to live in a (re)mixed world, and how everything is related to what you are experiencing right now.

We celebrate the history, present and future view on intercultural collaboration, the cross cultural influences within culture, creativity & technology.

Created as an international platform in 2015 for educational cross cultural projects, expression and exchange to widen the perspectives of people by showing how and what is connecting people and cultures.

The Blend Within’s first interactive exhibition concept / project that we can adapt / model to any location in the world and suitable for all ages was launched in the spring of 2016 and is part of a semi-permanent collection in the cultural centre of the Dutch Embassy of Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are currently working on:

The Blend Within’s interactive exhibition on tour | Showcasing established and new artists | Short video documentaries | The Blend Within’s Coffee Table Book | Educational projects

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